Equi Terme Village – 260 mslm

Equi Terme is located close to one of the most majestic peaks of the Apuan Alps: the Pizzo d’Uccello.  It’s a magnificent village developed around the mouth of the Buca d’Equi (the Equi pit), the oldest cave in the karst complex of the Caves of Equi, that has returned numerous palethnological and archaeological finds.

The caves of Equi are registered as a ‘geosite’ by the Apuan Alps Regional Park, recognized as a Geopark within the UNESCO European Geoparks Network. The complex was formed over hundreds of thousands of years thanks to the action of water which, penetrating limestone fractures for millennia, has formed wells, tunnels, salt and underground lakes of great interest and charm.

Equi Terme is divided into two parts: the ancient part is dominated by the church of San Francesco and its bell tower, with stone houses, steep and winding cobbled alleys and vaulted galleries, and is located on the left bank of the Lucido river.

The modern part lies on the opposite bank and dates back to the early twentieth century, when the thermal baths were opened, and the railway was built.

Equi Terme

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