Fosdinovo Village – 500 mslm

Fosdinovo for centuries has served as a gateway to the Lunigiana region, being in a dominating place on the Val di Magra plains and the town of Luni.

Inhabited since the Prehistory, it had its golden age between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, when it was the capital of an independent marquisate and governed by the most important branch of the Malaspina dello Spino Fiorito family, whose marquises were imperial vicars in Italy. This has left deep traces in local architecture, art and culture. Among these, the beautiful Malaspina Castle – the town’s main symbol – is one of the most beautiful and well-conserved fortresses in the Lunigiana region.

At Fosdinovo you could start to sense the air of the sea, being a borderland between the Tirrenian coast and Lunigiana mountains.

The municipality was awarded the Orange Flag in 2014 by the Italian Touring Club.


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