Legoreccio Village – 540 mslm

Legoreccio was also a small village, a “villa”, in the Crovara County, fiefdom of the Da Palude.

In the village, the so-called “Corte dei Da Palude” stands out as one of the most significant patrician buildings in the Reggio Emilia mountains.

It consists of a large enclosed courtyard with an internal porch and a loggia with arches.

A wide staircase leads to the residential floors.

A retractable well with original mechanisms is also interesting.

An oratory dating back to the 17th century is an annex of the courtyard. On the East side of the complex, there is a tower house probably belonging to the end of the XIV-mid XV century. Two other valuable 15th / 16th century tower houses are located nearby.


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