Museum of Peasant Art of Gottano – 620 mslm

Located in the heart of the ancient village of Gottano, this collection was born from an idea of one of its inhabitants, Gianni Pedrelli who collected, recovered and cataloged tools and utensils of field workers and housewives to display them inside his own home and in the backyard.

Over the years the collection has expanded with objects of rural life from the early 1900s, mostly made of wood and wrought iron that bring us back to the workmanship and lifestyle of that period, in which raw materials were collected and transformed. in products suitable for processing and storage.

Pedrelli welcomes visitors to his museum house with grace and courtesy, illustrating the origin and function of each single piece, narrating curiosities and anecdotes.

Open on Saturday afternoons and Sundays

To arrange a visit on the other days of the week, contact Mr. Gianni at no. 0522 815220.

+39 0522 815220
Via Gottano di Sopra, 2, Gottano di Sopra, Vetto

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