SD-GRAVEL Stage 3: Vetto d’Enza – Succiso Nuovo (RE)

Difficulty: TC+/MC 31 1300 760 1080 357

PP: Vetto d’Enza (RE) Caduti di Legoreccio square; Q.440 masl
PA: Park Visitor Center; Succiso Nuovo (RE); Q 980 masl

Notes: A stretch of S MC+ between Fornolo and Succiso Superiore. Under unpredictable weather conditions it is preferable to continue on A towards Succiso following the road signs. In dry conditions it is suggested to follow the MTB route between Cereggio and Montedello.

Description of the stage

The leitmotif of the 3rd stage is the Valle del Torrente Enza, with its ancient communication routes and its historical events.

The farm roads along the route, now used for access to woods and fields, were the ancient routes connecting valleys and mountains, the only access roads to passes such as the Lagastrello Pass.

In ancient times these places were famous for a single historical event. In the "Valley of the Knights" there were several small fiefdoms often in quarrel with each other. Between 1200 and mid-1400 these feudal lords managed, also thanks to the “Treaty of Vallisnera”, to maintain a relative autonomy from the Duchies of Parma and Modena.

In more recent times, the poor connections and difficult living conditions have led to a strong emigration and the abandonment of the territory. Countries like Succiso were reached by a real road only many years after the Liberation.

Cycling through the many villages, their characteristics and housing types will make the phenomenon of abandonment evident. Succiso is an exception to this.

Those who arrive without being aware of its history will be amazed by a village with recent houses, built in an "orderly" fashion and with modern roads.

Succiso has risen three times. First an earthquake, then a landslide and a "flood" that partially destroyed it, then the exodus and abandonment with the closing of the last bar, the only point of aggregation.

The houses show the second rebirth, the “Valle dei Cavalieri” Community Cooperative which manages the stopover, is the explanation of the third.

In the "risen" bar, a true meeting point of a "living" country, those wishing to learn more can look for information in a nice illustrated book or even better can ask the local people. They will be happy to tell you how they did it.

Technical notes

Suggested stops: Agriturismo Valle dei Cavalieri – Community Cooperative.
Water-refill points: Vetto, Gottano di Sopra, Taviano, Castagneto, Pieve San Vincenzo, Succiso.
Facilities: Several bars, trattorias and alternative stopping places located along the route; please consult the list of facilities for additional information.

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