SD-MTB Stage 4: Succiso Nuovo – Fivizzano (MS)

Difficulty: BC/BC 40 1370 2050 1360 268

PP: Succiso Nuovo (RE); Q 980 masl

PA: Fivizzano (MS); Q 320 masl

Notes: Challenging, with technical trails, and a challenging ford. The stage crosses areas with no telephone signal. Cycle only with adequate training and under favorable weather conditions. On the route between Succiso and Passo del Lagastrello there are many non-rideable sections due to stone concentrations on the path. The ford over the Liocca stream can be particularly dangerous with strong flow (thaw and heavy rains). The downhill from Passo del Giogo to Comano is also challenging, due to the lack of signs and unclean path. This route has been traced specifically for its beautiful landscape and "wilderness". The alternative route is 4A.Passo del Giogo to avoid these difficulties. It's recommended in unsafe weather conditions

Description of the stage

From Succiso you enter the “heart” of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park. It is the most "wildest" stage of the trail, with several technical sections both uphill and downhill. Above the Lagastrello Pass it overlaps with two other long routes dedicated to MTB: the Alta Via dei Parchi (AVPMTB Trail) and the Sentiero Italia CAI. This specific stretch is not suitable for the SD-GRAVEL route and you will need to overcome the Lagastrello Pass on a paved road. After a short detour to visit the ancient ruins of the Linari Abbey, the route will start descending into the Lunigiana region. The first stretch of this descending route is particularly challenging but rewarding. It ends at Comano Castle, surrounded by an amazingly preserved medieval village. It is strongly recommended to stop at the comfortable Hotel Elisa before the last effort: the uphill to the ridge of Monte Bottignana from which you overlook the Fivizzano valley. From here, starts a long and spectacular downhill between villages, mule tracks and stone walls. You can also cool off at a small waterfall. The arrival in Fivizzano is surprising: "rough", with a cobblestone path that leads to a monumental Roman bridge . The bridge is so originally preserved that it would almost make you wonder if you should "Pay the Duty" at the city gate ...

Alternative routes

SD-MTB.4B Bottignana di Sopra
Difference in heigth: +660m -420m; 
Lenght: 10,3 km;
Difficulty: MC+/BC 
QM: 990 masl
Notes: Beautiful detour that allows you to explore  the entire ridge of Monte Bottignana on unmarked tracks and paths. It stretches about + 350m; 6km. Additional cycling time of at  least 1h .


SD-GRAVEL.4D Passo del Cerreto
Difference in height: +1030m -620m;
Lunenght: 20,2 km;
Difficulty: TC/TC
Notes: Connection from Comano to Passo del Cerreto (bus service with limitations for bikes, to be checked).

Technical notes

Suggested stops: "Agriturismo beyond the water"; Agostiniani Hostel.
Water-refill stations: Succiso, Lagastrello dam, Comano, Panigaletto, Fivizzano.
Facilities: Numerous bars, trattorias and alternative stopping places along the route; consult the list of facilities.


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