SD-MTB Stage 5: Fivizzano – Fosdinovo (MS)

Difficulty: BC/BC 43 1650 1450 801 159

PP: Fivizzano; Vittorio Emanuele II Square – Q 320 masl
PA: Fosdinovo (MS) Malaspina Castle - Q 520 masl

Notes: A stage with a significant elevation span , but with many sections on paved roads that reduce the athletic effort.

Description of the stage

This stage goes across the “heart” of Lunigiana. Lunigiana is characterized by a complex orography, with a succession of climbs and descents, winding roads, mule tracks and technical paths, villages clinging to every small peak.
This cycling route aims to connect many historical locations in the most practical and enjoyable way.

You will immediately immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of Verrucola Castle, an amazingly preserved fortified medieval village "just avoided" by the construction of the SS63. The most demanding climb of the stage starts just after the small town of Collegnano : the steep and bumpy dirt road will lead to 790 masl (Cima Coppi of the day). In the long descent towards Gragnola, upon reaching Croce di Pietra, the two cycling paths will split. On the right, SD-MTB will reach Turlago, Maestà del Monte and Mazzola facing the most “technical” part of the day, on trails and paths with OC passages. SD-GRAVEL will continue straight on in steep descent to the road that with a panoramic route will lead to Terenzano, Maestà del Monte, Alebbio and Sercognano. The two routes will rejoin just before Gragnola, the perfect place for a well-deserved stop before the last effort. Follow the ancient road to the right, passing the medieval bridge and a beautiful rural church, starting the climb to Fosdinovo. The SD-MTB path deviates to Monzone (medieval bridge) and the subsequent path to Isolano. In Colognola the two routes will rejoin to continue to Fosdinovo, passing through Viano and Marciaso. The village of Fosdinovo and Malaspina Castle are “worth the ticket”. Those who decide to stay overnight at the Castle B&B will add the charm of an authentic historic residence and the possibility, walking at night between halls and walkways, to feel "masters" of the castle.

Technical Notes

Connections: from Fivizzano and Gragnola you can go down to Aulla; from Fosdinovo you can go down to Sarzana. They are well-marked road routes.
Suggested stops: B&B Castello Malaspina (historic residence); Il Mulino restaurant bar (for dinner, simple but of good quality, it is necessary to book while passing).
Water-refill stations: Turlago, Terenzano, Gragnola, Marciaso.
Facilities: It is recommended to stop in Gragnola or Monzone (bars, shops, restaurant).

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