Stage 04: Da Vetto a Castagneto

Difficulty: E 19.1 583 286 825 366 6h:30m

The fourth stage, quite long and with a significant difference in height, winds through a series of splendid and characteristic villages, some of which are exquisitely preserved, through very wide panoramas and suggestive landscape features, including the spectacular site called "dei Pizzoni", reachable from Cereggio with a variant for “Expert Hikers”. In the village of Gottano di Sopra, the small but very interesting “Museum of rural civilization” is worth a visit.


  • The section in the ascent between the dirt road along the Lonza stream and Gottano di Sotto, may be impeded and tangled by wild vegetation and could present some possible, slight difficulties to orientation;
  • Stage with no refreshment points (bars and restaurants) except for Montedello (inn) and Castagneto (inn and lodge).

Description of the stage

Leaving the village of Vetto, you immediately face a short climb, followed by a beautiful stretch of wood halfway up the slope that leads to the villages of Sole di Sopra and di Sotto, then you descend to the Lonza stream; beyond the bridge, take the dirt road on the left and go through the valley passing by the Gli Oppi mill (completely abandoned for some time); then continue uphill through the villages of Gottano di Sotto and Gottano di Sopra (the latter much more interesting), until you reach the curious site of the church “Beata Vergine delle Formiche” (dedicated to the Vergin of the ants!)  beyond which you enter the long path, parallel to the asphalted road and - at almost constant altitude - up to Cereggio, another typical pretty village. Beyond Cereggio, continue for a short stretch on a beautiful and panoramic asphalted road up to a crossroads on the right which with an easy mule track leads to the village of Taviano. Afterward, you will continue to the village of Camporella and, at times still on a paved road, to the next village of Montedello, until you reach Castagneto, the stage destination.

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