Stage 04var: Pizzoni Variant

Difficulty: EE 4.9 208 355 764 493

Spectacular variant crossing the Pizzoni geosite, but reserved for Expert Hikers (EE)

From Cereggio follow the Path 680A, which among chestnut woods and “metati” (traditional old two storey buildings in which chestnuts used to be dried) leads to a wonderful landscape area that will reach its peak of beauty beyond the locality "i Pizzoni", a slope with unusual sandstone formations, in front of a wide view on the Enza valley (see the Pizzoni Geosite in-depth sheet). Further on, after passing a deep ford and an uncomfortable stretch of an active landslide, you will go up to Taviano, where you will reconnect to the main itinerary.

Difficulty (CAI classification): EE (Expert Hikers)

Duration (without stops): allow about 45 minutes longer than the main route

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