Stage 06: From Succiso Nuovo to Rigoso

Difficulty: E 14.1 550 415 1279 888 5h

Splendid "alpine" stage that leads the wayfarer into the typical upper Apennines landscape, near the Lagastrello pass (1198 m), crossing point between the provinces of Reggio, Parma and Massa Carrara, located between the Reggio peak of Monte Acuto ( 1785 m) and the Parmense one of Malpasso (1716 m), passing through cool and shady beech woods interspersed with sunny clearings offering glimpses of the entire upper Val d'Enza. The numerous waterways, the wide stretching Lake Paduli and the smaller but fascinating basin of Lake Squincio give the traveller an extraordinary sense of peace and relaxation.


  • Possible difficulty in fording the Liocca stream in the event of a strong inflow of water.

Description of the stage

Leave Succiso Nuovo from the stopping point located at the "Valle dei Cavalieri" farmhouse, descending on the paved road for about 1 km up to a bend (930 m) from which the path starts. The ford on the Liocca stream immediately appears, after which the route continues with a sharp bend and slightly uphill (980 m) and then descends to the easier ford of the Rio Scuro. You then reach the provincial road (SP15), follow it for about mt. 500 to resume the path on the right entering Miscoso (915 m) near the church. Cross the village and in front of the "La Montanara" restaurant and bar you find the path and follow it on the panoramic Costa Magnano up to the Costalta ridges (1172 m) at the foot of Mount Fugacciaro. Leave the path 657B on the left and continue straight on the SD up to the Lagastrello pastures, passing by a shepherds' shelter erected on the plain of Spiaggia Bella. Cross the Rio Canalaccio, climb until you cross path 659 and follow it to the right, descend and cross the Rio Garzoli reaching a nineteenth-century “Maestà” (country tabernacle generally devoted to the Vergin Mary) and finally reach Lake Paduli. Arriving at the dam (1160 m), follow it on a paved road to the opposite side, then at the crossroads, turn left towards the Lagastrello Pass and after about 100 meters, take path 703C on the right which climbs to Lake Squincio (1240 m), continuing slightly downhill on 703 to reach the village of Rigoso, where the Via dei Linari is intercepted.


From Rigoso (PR) it is possible to leave the Sentiero dei Ducati and return to Reggio Emilia by going backwards through the approximately 7 stages of the Via dei Linari or, much faster, reaching Parma by public transport of the TEP bus lines and then by train to Reggio. By bike, easy but long return by asphalted roads to Quattro Castella (62 km) or Reggio (84 km).

Useful Info

  • Water: fountain in the center of Miscoso and at mt. 50 on the provincial road (SP51) to the Lagastrello dam.

  • Miscoso: bar and restaurant

  • Rigoso: immediately at the entrance to the village, Camping Val d’Enza with bar, restaurant, bungalows and pitches.

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