Stage 08var: Lake Restì Variant

Difficulty: EE 2.9 286 245 956 781

Shorter but more demanding variant, of difficulty Expert Hiker, mainly on steep path or traces of path sometimes exposed. Beware of fording the Mommio stream after heavy rains or thaw

From Restì, follow the Lunigiana Trekking route (of difficulty E with some stretches Expert Hiker) entering - via a gate on the left, to be closed after the passage - in the pastures of a large farm, thus crossing the locality of Lago di Restì and wading the Mommio stream (be careful following heavy rains and thaw) and then go up again on the path and trace of the path (sometimes steep and exposed) in a south / south-east direction towards Monte Peci up to Passo Cadin where it rejoins the main path.

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