Stage 10: From Ponte Monzone to Fosdinovo

Difficulty: E 20.3 753 459 578 218 7h

A long stage that leads from the slopes of the Apuan Alps, through one of the wildest corners of Lunigiana to the view of the sea near the fascinating castle of Fosdinovo. Wooded hills, chestnut forests, gorges and streams, isolated tiny villages will be met where everything seems to have stopped in a distant time, not even a simple café in sight. Nevertheless, these villages are today still inhabited with pride, with the distant memory of the glories of the past, when they were important hubs in the management of the territory, during Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In its roughness, perhaps this stage most represents the land of Lunigiana.


  • Very long stage with significant difference in elevation, and little opportunity for intermediate stops.
  • Frequent possibilities of water supply in the villages. Very few grocery stores and intermediate refreshment points along the way.
  • Sections of the path show tangled vegetation, both between Terma and Pieve di Viano and between Cecina and Bardine.

Description of the stage

Leaving the village of Ponte di Monzone, take the path near the public park adjacent to the post office to quickly reach the Provincial Road 10 for Tenerano, which you will follow for less than a kilometer to Isolano. Here take a path that first leads to the village of Terma and then to the Pieve di Viano (fountain) and comes out on the road (Via Provinciale Cologno) just downstream from the church. The path resumes a little further on, just before the small cemetery that rises above the Pieve and it continues uphill until it reaches the first houses of Campiglione, in the locality of Via Botteghino (fountain). Here, near the intersection with the road to Cecina the path, climbing up to the charming village of Viano (fountain), resumes. From Viano, a village certainly worth a short visit, the path continues along a beautiful dirt road until a small, isolated oratory (Chiesina), on the left side of which it descends to Cecina. From Cecina the path proceeds to Bardine and from there becomes a small, asphalted road (via Molino), which in the span of few meters, joins the Provincial Road 10 for Tenerano (with low traffic intensity). The road climbs the opposite side of the Bardinello valley, and passed Marciaso (bar trattoria), about 2.5 km after, at the cemetery located on a small hill, at this point take a forest road on the right towards the small exquisite village of Pulica.  First you will cross the old village (fountain) and then the new one (small bar and restaurant Bruna) until you reach a chapel dedicated to San Rocco. On the right side of the chapel, take the forest road and then the path (fountain) which, with an uneven surface, climbs towards Monte Carboli, and reach the locality "la Svizzerina", from where you will soon intersect the road leading to the beautiful village of Fosdinovo and its magnificent Castle of Malaspina (bar, restaurant, accommodation, pharmacy, post , shops).

Useful Info

  1. In Viano there is a recreational club run by local young people who, in addition to a small resale of food and household products, can also offer hot meals and hospitality, by prior arrangement. Contact Fabio Basini +30 320 9381536;
  2. In Fosdinovo it is possible to stay overnight in the charming hostel built in the premises of the Castle, right near one of the most renowned restaurants in Lunigiana;

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