Stage 10var: Ponte Vecchio Detour

Difficulty: E 1 325 282

Detour that allows you to reach a site of historical and archaeological interest where 9 stele statues from the Bronze and Iron times were found. This was an ancient marketplace, active from the Middle Ages until the eighteenth century, along what was once the "Via of Reggio ", between Reggio Emilia and Carrara. A place that still retains a certain charm due to the few, but suggestive, surviving ruins and the presence of an ancient humpback bridge.

Arriving from Bardine, at the intersection with the SP10 instead of continuing immediately towards Marciaso, you can reach Ponte Vecchio taking the SP10 in the opposite direction (left) towards Tenerano. After about 600 m take a wide forest road that in about 15 minutes leads to the charming locality of Ponte Vecchio, a pleasant site with few ruins of an ancient medieval village. At this point continue on the forest road to a small humpback bridge over the Bardinello stream, which here receives the waters of the Bocciari Canal. This area is where the stele statues were found, a sign of the area being inhabited in ancient time. Return along the outward route.

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