SD-MTB Stage 2: Canossa Castle – Vetto d’Enza (RE)

Difficulty: MC+/MC+ 37 1330 1430 719 311

PP: Canossa (RE) SP73 Loc. Bivio per Cavandola; Q 540 masl. PA: Vetto d’Enza (RE) Piazza Caduti di Legoreccio; Q 440 masl.

Notes: Several sections to push the bike and many NCB sections up to Crovara.

Description of the stage

Matilde’s castles are left behind to enter the valleys of the Tassobbio and Tassaro streams. It will be a succession of villages and tower houses to be crossed by cycling on ancient roads: paved mule tracks, stone walls, paths in the woods. You will discover the anthropomorphic images of Ceredolo dei Coppi and Vercallo, the magnificent Church of Pianzo, Mount Staffola which dominates the entire Apennines, the still functioning Chichino Mill, the church and castle of Crovara, the archaeological site of Monte Lulseto , the magnificent villages of Pineto and Spigone. Sometimes it will be necessary to make the sacrifice of walking and pushing the bike due to the rough surfaces and the steep slopes. It is the price that history demands to be touched with the wheels and to be seen carved in stone. The oldest one and also the recent one, history of Resistance and partisan warfare that has one of its memorials in Legoreccio.

It will be better to leave early in order not to be in a hurry and to be able to fully enjoy the beauty of these places. You cannot miss a stop in one of the many trattorias where the cuisine is still authentically traditional and homemade.

Alternative routes

SDMTB.2A Monte Tesa Difference in height: + 90m; Length: 1.7 km; Difficulty: BC + / BC Notes: NCB and steep climb Short detour to reach an exceptional 360 ° panoramic point. According to "local rumors" it was at this peak that the armed guard following Emperor Henry IV encamped.

Monte Lulseto The short visit to the archaeological site is to be done on foot; it is neither protected nor fenced; it is recommended to respect it , in particular not to step on the rock carvings.

SDMTB.2C Monte Piano Difference in height: +250 m; Length: 4.5 km; Difficulty: BC / MC Notes: short section to push It is a beautiful "long cut ", for those who have time and strength (about + 30 or 40 minutes), which allows you to skip a stretch of paved road and leads to excellent panoramic points through well-preserved ancient roads.

Technical notes

Suggested stops: B&B Belvedere Mamma Rina; B&B Nonna Rosina (2 km uphill).
Water-refill stotions: Ceredolo dei Coppi, Barazzone, Crovara, Pineto, Vetto.
Facilities: Many restaurants and refreshment points; consult the list of facilities.

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